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One of the most often requested services during new home construction is foundation installation. After all, the foundation is the base of any structure. Regardless of the building’s size, it must be carefully planned.

Types of Concrete Foundations We Install

As a reputable company, we can provide you with high quality concrete foundation construction services. There are three primary foundation designs that are often used: poured wall, slab, and pillar.

Poured Wall Foundation

Poured concrete foundations have the benefit of having no seams or vulnerabilities. With this, there are no sealant or unfilled holes in the concrete base. As a result, poured wall foundations offer a variety of advantages, including improved design flexibility and ease of maintenance, as well as water and fire resistance.

Thick and heavy timber frames are typically created and securely fastened during the building of poured wall foundations to guarantee that they can withstand the amount of pressure they will be subjected to during the construction.

Concrete is then injected into the foundation molds in a single continuous pour to guarantee that there are no imperfections. Reinforcing steel is commonly used to reinforce poured concrete foundations.

Slab Foundation

The slab foundation is probably the simplest to construct. This slab installation procedure is straightforward and cost-effective.

People also often favor using a concrete slab for garages and sheds since it does not need complicated excavations.

For different situations, a concrete slab company will use different types of foundations. However, the materials and equipment utilized are pretty comparable to those used for standard slab. Typically, the area is marked out with foundation boards, and the upper layer of soil will be removed.

The hills of Asheville, NC and rest of Western North Carolina are not ideal for a standard slab foundation. However, if your home or business is built on flat land, this could be the best choice for your new construction project.

Pillar Foundation

Basic pillar foundations are commonly used for small constructions developed using a crawl-space layout.  Anchor plates and fasteners are often installed in the pillar base before the cement hardens. 

Pilar foundations are commonly installed deep into the earth to prevent the turmoil and sliding motions induced by periodic freeze and thaw occurrences. A tapered pyramid form is frequently utilized to reduce the quantity of concrete used. 


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When it comes to the structural strength of your building, it’s best to be safe than sorry and avoid taking any risks. After all, the quality of a structure’s foundation determines its strength, stability, and durability, whether it be a road, a driveway, a patio, or any other type of home additions.

It is easy to comprehend why the foundation is perhaps the most critical component of any structural element. In fact, we believe that the foundation of your Asheville, NC structure is crucial to its durability and worth.

We build using advanced technology and excellent craftsmanship, ensuring that you only receive the finest and the most robust outcomes. We also have the required experience, abilities, and machinery to construct high-quality concrete foundations.

By understanding the local construction guidelines and requirements, we can assess the amount of material needed and identify the type of foundation necessary for your construction. We take great care in all we do, and we are well aware of the immense responsibility we bear when it comes to ensuring the structural integrity of your structure’s foundation.



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