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Commercial concrete structures are built differently from residential ones, so hiring a reliable and certified concrete construction firm is necessary.

WNC Concrete Contractors is one of the most well-established commercial concrete contractors in Asheville and all of western North Carolina. With years in the industry and decades of experience, we have distinguished ourselves as one of the best in the industry.

From commercial sidewalks to roadways or slabs to multi-level construction, our team has what it takes to take on the job and create highly durable commercial concrete services that can and will last for years.

Why Choose Our Commercial Concrete Company?

With all the other commercial concrete contractors out there, what sets our company apart from the rest? 

Expertise Cultivated Through Years of Experience

At WNC Concrete Contractors, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of building solid and long-lasting commercial concrete structures, a knowledge that we cultivated through our years of experience in the field, working with various clients. 

Because of this, you can trust us to use our accumulated knowledge to expertly handle all your commercial concrete needs, whether it’s to build a commercial parking lot or install a new concrete slab.  

Safety Above All

Our company also understands how crucial safety and proper compliance are when it comes to commercial construction.  

This is why we ensure that our team of skilled experts strictly adheres to established safety protocols and comply with all local laws and regulations when building your concrete projects. 

With us, you can enjoy that peace of mind, knowing your project follows all safety protocols, laws, and regulations. 

Innovative Solutions

Our team also takes pride in being up to date with all the latest technologies and building techniques, so we can always provide you with innovative solutions for your concrete construction needs. 

We ensure we always use the latest and most updated tools and equipment to guarantee the utmost efficiency and punctuality.  

Doing so also limits any delays and disruptions to your business, which we understand can be costly and inconvenient. 


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Our Commercial Concrete Construction Services

As one of the leading concrete construction companies in the area, we offer our clients a vast range of commercial concrete services, building robust concrete structures that can withstand the wear and tear of heavy-duty use. We also offer innovative solutions that will help you make the most out of your commercial concrete spaces.

Our list of services for commercial clients include:

Concrete foundation Construction


the builders poured concrete at the construction site


newly paved parking lot for commercial space in Western North Carolina

Parking Lot Paving

industrial paving Western north carolina

Concrete Road Paving

Tree in the middle of a concrete and stone pathway against homes and blue sky. The houses have white fences and surrounded by a grassy terrain.


concrete sidewalk repair

Commercial Sidewalks and Walkways

concrete demolition asheville


Design of reinforcement cage of reinforcement for concrete frame house, brick house, formwork for concrete pouring, construction site, working crane, construction of houses

Drainage Solutions

warehouse facility


Under construction foundation new home with cement basement foundation



Retail and Storefronts

ongoing installation of concrete foundation for a residential house in North Carolina

Medical Facilities

concrete slab company

Multi-Family Housing

multi-level construction

Multi-Level Construction


If you’re looking for a commercial concrete firm in Asheville, look no further than WNC Concrete Contractors. At WNC Concrete Contractors, client satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we offer only high-quality services to our clients and ensure that they enjoy the best results possible.  

Give us a call today, and our team will be more than happy to assist you with your commercial concrete construction needs.  



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